Our Story

Made in the prestigious region of Cognac, France, Popiit is the success story of a young entrepreneur, Benjamin, who grew up in the south of France and decided 10 years ago to move to the United States to chase the American Dream. "I have always dreamed of starting and building my own business. Specifically, I always wanted to find a way to do the liaison and bring a french product or concept here in the US. What inspired me to create Popiit is an old tradition and concept that first came out when I was growing up in the late 80's. A french company created the first ever "festive" beverage dedicated to kids. Not only did it taste great, but it came in a fancy bottle, with foil, a cage and the cork that pops, just like the cool bottles my parents and their friends were opening and drinking on their birthdays and all the holidays... My parents would usually bring it out with the cake for Christmas, on our birthdays, and right at midnight on new years eve so we could "pop it" at the top of the hour and have a toast with them!
It was all about the experience...
Popiit is the first of its kind here in the US, and we look forward to add a whole lot of fun to kids and teens parties in America. Let’s POPIIT!